BEST & SWIFT IP SERVICES is a modern and progressive firm provide a complete range of intellectual property services. We can provide support and assistance in relation to any intellectual property matter - patents, trade marks, designs or industrial copyright and domain names etc.

For example, we:
  1. Advise on patents, trade marks, designs, industrial copyright, domain names
  2. Perform audits to identify and secure intellectual property
  3. Obtain patents, trade marks, design, copyright and domain name worldwide
  4. Manage and maintain intellectual property portfolios
  5. Enforce intellectual property against infringers
  6. Defend intellectual property against attack
  7. Transfer ownership of intellectual property and license intellectual property
  8. Overcome problems presented by third party intellectual property 

The firm has associated offices and/association with leading Law Firms all over the world handling the international filing and prosecution of Patent and Trademark applications of the firm's clientele.

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Our aim is to provide prompt advice which is tailored to your needs and which is in plain English.

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