Automotive Engineering and Industry

Innovation sets apart successful companies in the automotive, aeronautic, chemical and marine engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering sectors, with the development of new products and systems helping to secure and maintain strong market positions. Forward-thinking businesses recognise the importance of R&D but, in order to see a return on this investment, you need to be able to prevent competitors from exploiting your inventions. Our team works with innovators in both commercial and academic institutions including multinationals, SMEs, start-ups, universities and spin-offs to protect their intellectual property. As qualified engineers and scientists ourselves, we’re perfectly suited to understand and discuss your technologies, and work closely alongside you to develop a strategy that best suits your goals and needs.

IP Protection for The Automotive Industry

The trends of electrification, sustainability, autonomy and connectivity are pushing the automotive industry through a period of unprecedented change and significant innovation. Led by both traditional manufacturers and suppliers as well as new market disruptors, new technologies are constantly emerging relating to every aspect of a vehicle. This ranges from battery packs and electrified drivetrains to advanced materials and light-weighting techniques, software and cybersecurity systems. We’re also seeing a wave of collaboration as knowledge and resources are pooled, and innovators like Tesla open their patent portfolios with royalty-free licences. All of this means that intellectual property is back at the forefront of the automotive industry, enabling companies to develop the future of transport.

IP Protection for Construction & Infrastructure

Through huge construction and infrastructure projects underway relating to energy, transport, waste, water, housing, regeneration and social infrastructure. These present opportunities for companies to produce innovative solutions to the infrastructure and construction challenges we’re faced with.

Challenges like load balancing on the power network to cope with the proliferation of electric vehicles, or the need to build more heat-efficient homes, require technical solutions which will have high commercial value to the industry as a whole.

It’s therefore vital that the IP you generate is protected, so that you receive the maximum reward for your endeavours.

IP Protection for Green Technology

Environmentally friendly or ‘green’ technologies are being adopted in almost every industry. This includes increasing efficiencies and capacities in renewables; advances in manufacturing methods and waste disposal; more energy efficient buildings, vehicles and devices; and increasing the efficiency of agriculture. Great strides forward are being made in alternative energy efficiencies, with advances deriving from sources like improved resilience in wave and tidal energy systems, structural innovations in wind turbines and material developments in photovoltaics. Green technologies are also seeing growth in the retail sector, driven by consumer demand. Developments in this sector may be well-established technologies undergoing refinements, or something entirely new — but whatever the innovation, it’s crucial to protect your IP before entering the market in order to maximise your commercial advantage.

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