Chemistry and Material Technology

For chemists, or chemical engineers, IP is generated when a new material is developed, the manufacturing process is optimised or a new use is found for an existing material. We work with innovators throughout the supply-chain, helping to secure rights and build portfolios which protect their business. Commonly, this is by obtaining patent rights to prevent others from exploiting their efforts, developments and hard work. This increases company value and secures market-leading positions.

Our expertise extends to enforcement and competitor monitoring. We proactively provide you with the knowledge you need to be aware of competitor patent rights to avoid infringing others’ rights and stimulate new innovations to be turned into assets — ensuring that you’re always ahead of the game.

IP Protection for Battery, Fuel Cell & Energy Storage Technology

Innovative, chemistry-led solutions are delivering power to our homes and providing transport more efficiently and cleanly than ever before. Chemical innovation is fundamental to clean energy storage and mobility within the global energy, consumer electronics and automotive sectors. Potential market-leading developments include hydrogen fuel cell technology and advanced materials for batteries — fundamental to eliminating fossil fuel-powered vehicles and delivering the economic and environmental benefits of electric vehicles.


IP Protection for Green Chemistry

If you’re active in the consumer and industrial products supply-chain, you’re incentivised by consumers, collaborative activity and regulatory pressures to develop ‘greener’, more sustainable products and processes. Patent protection is fundamental to protecting your innovation efforts, driving product development and enhancing the value of your company — inspiring environmental awareness and 'better living' amongst consumers and industries for the benefit of our planet and its inhabitants.


IP Protection for New Materials, Chemical Production & Waste Management

The design of new molecules, formulations and manufacturing methods means there are a whole host of IP opportunities for innovators in the new materials sector. We advise on all aspects of chemical production with a focus on protecting sustainable materials delivered to a wide-range of end markets. Particular examples include the production of sustainable and bio-based, low-carbon raw materials used within detergents, cleaners, agricultural products, coatings and cosmetics; and advanced composite materials such as graphene to support large industrial sectors such as aerospace, automotive and construction.

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