Healthcare & Life Science

Global issues in human and animal health, food sustainability and food security touch all our lives. The world’s growing and ageing population means that there has never been a greater need for life sciences innovation. Our passionate, expert and approachable attorneys understand the unique challenges of innovating in the multidisciplinary life sciences and health tech sector. We provide robust IP procurement, management and enforcement strategies as well as pragmatic, clear advice.

IP Protection for Agriculture & Aquaculture

A growing global population applies increasing pressure on food production. Ensuring food security while preserving the natural and food production environment is driving research and development advances in the agriculture and aquaculture sectors. Tackling the issue of food security requires expertise in a broad range of technologies such as efficient pesticides, high-yield, disease-resistant seeds and animals, as well as methods of disease prevention and treatment.

IP Protection for Biotech

Biotechnology uses living organisms and their derivatives to improve our lives. It has applications in human and animal health, food production, non-food industrial uses and environmental uses. The sector spans diverse inventions including biopharmaceuticals, diagnostic methods, genetically modified crops, biofuels and environmental bioremediation. It is crucial to protect the products of expensive and time consuming R&D with a strong IP portfolio and to defend innovation against infringement.

IP Protection for Food Technology

The food revolution is in full flow, epitomised by the Field to Fork movement and concept of Beauty from Within.

There’s a growing understanding among companies and consumers alike of the need to feed the world safely and sustainably. Diets are changing, with clean labels and functional foods and beverages that provide health benefits above-and-beyond basic nutrition in-demand.

Food tech innovations play a fundamental part in this transformation. If you’re an innovator, intellectual property rights (especially patents) are key to protecting your efforts.

IP Protection for Lifestyle, Wellbeing & Wearables

We’re all becoming increasingly aware of the physical and mental benefits of good health and how it can deliver a high quality of life. This is driving a surge in demand for wearable technology and other personal healthcare products which enable us to monitor and improve aspects of our health. Innovation in technologies related to lifestyle and wellbeing continues to grow and diversify into areas including femtech, XR and apps. If you're innovating in this exciting sector, registering IP rights will encourage competitive product development while distinguishing and safeguarding your brand — protecting your investment or helping to secure essential funding to bring your innovative products to market. Our dedicated lifestyle, wellbeing and wearables team has the experience to partner with you to navigate this increasingly crowded sector.

IP Protection for Medical Devices

The healthcare ecosystem has a wide range of different players but each has the common focus of improving patient care and outcomes. Collaboration between clinicians, researchers and engineers across different entities in the private and public sectors is common. Also, there are significant differences in the healthcare ecosystem in different countries.

Subtle shifts in IP strategy away from a purely commercial approach are often needed to try and achieve the common public interest goal. International variations in what can be protected and the nature of commercial relationships need to be taken into account at the start of developing an IP strategy.


IP Protection for Pharmaceuticals

A growing and aging population is putting increased pressure on healthcare providers and innovators. Limited healthcare budgets are squeezing the value in the sector to innovators. It is therefore increasingly important that innovators obtain and defend a robust IP portfolio to protect their research and development assets. It is also crucial to monitor third-party rights that might disrupt the pharmaceutical value chain and clear the path where necessary.


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