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A trade mark provides a way of distinguishing the origin of goods/services. A trade name may be the name under which a company or person conducts business. A logo is a device, shape or design which may, or may not include a word. It provides a distinctive badge of origin for goods and/or services.

At  Best & Swift IP Services, we have a strong reputation for assisting our clients in relation to their trade mark requirements throughout the world. Trade mark protection is one of the most important factors to consider with any brand, and our trade mark team has extensive experience in relation to all areas of trade mark use, protection and enforcement. Our specialist trade mark team is dedicated to enhancing your business through the effective use of trade marks.

We specialise in:

  1. Advising on trade mark infringement and third party conflicts
  2. Filing and registration of trade mark applications worldwide
  3. Managing large trade mark portfolios
  4. Trade mark clearance searches
  5. Trade mark opposition, revocation and invalidation proceedings
  6. Advising on the effective use of trade marks
  7. Trade mark watching services
  8. Advice in relation to trade marks on the internet
  9. Advice on counterfeit products
  10. Trade mark assignments and licensing
  11. Worldwide trade mark law

We offer these services worldwide to corporate clients from the U.S., Europe, the Mideast, Africa, and Asia. We operate worldwide with our Offices/associated offices which exclusively work for us. We have over 18 years of experience dealing with trademark matters worldwide. This gives us unrivaled expertise in the laws and procedures of many countries worldwide, as well as the ability to pick up the telephone and talk to the foreign officer dealing with the matter to clear up a problem that may have developed.


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