Due Diligence

Proper intellectual property due diligence is central to determining the true value of any company and its assets. It determines both the quantity and quality of intellectual property held. It also highlights any areas of weakness, or additional protection that needs to be put in place.

"Intellectual property rights are central to virtually all commercial transactions. Acquisitions, start-ups, spin-outs and joint ventures all have specific intellectual property due diligence requirements, and it’s vital to make sure these are met."

Intellectual property due diligence is the process of examining an intellectual property portfolio, either your own or that of another party, with a view to buying, selling, licensing or taking other action as regards that portfolio.

Our IP attorneys are here to guide you through that process seamlessly. We’ll work with your chosen advisors, for example, solicitors and accountants, to assess and evaluate the intellectual property you’re interested in.

We know that time and budget constraints will be key, so we’ll ensure that priorities are set with all advisors involved in the transaction so that resources are used correctly and your goals are achieved.

We can help with:
  1. STRATEGY – we’ll clarify the overall purpose of the exercise and how this fits with your business goals, and plan our action with you accordingly, including setting timelines and budgetary limits.
  2. IDENTIFICATION – we’ll identify the IP rights relevant to your project.
  3. ASSESSMENT - we’ll assess ownership, status and/or validity and highlight any gaps in protection – we’ll also consider the effect of a change of ownership on existing third party agreements including licenses, collaborative agreements and joint ventures.
  4. ACTION – we’ll help to take the correct action based on the results of our overall evaluation.


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