IP Audits

"An intellectual property audit helps you to identify the intellectual assets you already have, and to put in place an intellectual property strategy for the future."

We conduct intellectual property audits across a range of sectors and specialisms, helping to identify protectable ideas that will add value to your business. Working closely with our IP attorneys, we start by understanding your business strategy and ambitions. We then examine your intellectual property, identifying what’s contributing to those ambitions and where you could make improvements.

The end result is a thorough understanding of your assets, and an ongoing strategy for building on and adding to them – an essential tool for growth and commercial success.

We’ll take care of:
  1. STRATEGY – helping to review and refresh your overall business strategy, and how your IP contributes to it.
  2. PROTECTION – identifying and addressing any gaps in your IP strategy.
  3. COMMERCIALISATION - making sure you’re maximising every opportunity to add value to your business.
  4. ENFORCEMENT – ensuring there are no infringement issues that need to be addressed, externally or internally.
  5. MAINTENANCE & MORE – regular auditing to ensure your IP is always identified, protected, defended where necessary and contributing to your overall business goals.


Improve Your Business

Our aim is to provide prompt advice which is tailored to your needs and which is in plain English.

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