IP Strategy and Portfolio Management

We’ll help to create a tailored intellectual property strategy for your portfolio that fits with your commercial needs and helps achieve your business objectives.

"Our experienced team will guide you through all aspects of intellectual property strategy building and portfolio management, to create a custom-fit solution for your business."

From start to finish, our IP attorneys focus will be on your commercial success. We know that if you’re going to invest in protecting your intellectual property, you want to see a commercial return. That’s what every element of our intellectual property strategy and portfolio management aims to achieve.

So what should you expect from your hand-picked BSIP team? We’ll be proactive. We’ll carefully consider your short and long-term commercial goals. And we’ll offer commercial advice based on experience, rather than a simple list of options.

We’ll guide you through each stage of the innovation lifecycle, with your business interests in mind.

We’ll take care of:
  1. STRATEGY – working with you to clarify your commercial goals, and devising an appropriate strategy to achieve them.
  2. CAPTURE – helping you create and capture IP that will help achieve your goals.
  3. PROTECTION – creating the right protection for your IP in line with your business strategy.
  4. COMMERCIALISATION - helping you monetise and exploit your IP to its full potential.
  5. ENFORCEMENT – ensuring your IP rights are asserted and defended throughout the world.
  6. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT – regularly reviewing your portfolio to make sure your IP protection strategy always matches your business goals.
Improve Your Business

Our aim is to provide prompt advice which is tailored to your needs and which is in plain English.

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