We’re here to help you understand how to monetise your portfolio and turn intellectual property assets into commercial success.

"Intellectual property is now being viewed increasingly as a financial asset in its own right and we can show you how to maximise its value."

In an era where intellectual property is now prioritised at boardroom level, and where intellectual property assets can be recorded on balance sheets, we can help you identify your key intellectual property assets and how these can be exploited for maximum commercial return.

Our team of experts will look at all forms of intellectual property rights within your portfolio, including patents, trade marks, design rights, copyrights and more, and then devise an exploitation strategy with you based on their findings and your overall commercial goals.

Options they may discuss with you are licensing of your intellectual property, the strategic sale of all or part of your portfolio and how you can present your portfolio to investors. They’ll also discuss how you can fill any gaps in your portfolio to maximise commercial potential.

We’ll take care of:
  1. STRATEGY – identifying monetisation opportunities and when and how to act on them.
  2. PROTECTION – ensuring all gaps in your portfolio are addressed to maximise potential.
  3. COMMERCIALISATION - informing you on the best IP exploitation strategies for your portfolio.
  4. REVIEW – ongoing reviews of your portfolio and monetisation strategy, to ensure they remain up to date.


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Our aim is to provide prompt advice which is tailored to your needs and which is in plain English.

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