Patent Rights

A patent gives its owner the right to prevent others from using their idea commercially. However, to be valid, the idea must be new, inventive and industrially applicable.

At Best & Swift IP Services, we have an enviable reputation for assisting our clients regarding patents throughout the whole world. Our experienced patent team prosecutes patents for some of the world’s leading technology companies. We are dedicated to the highest standards of quality and service.

All of our patent attorneys are specialists in a science or engineering discipline and are focused on helping you achieve your objectives through the effective use of patents. We cover a broad range of technologies. We have particular strengths in the fields of medical devices, materials, engineering, semiconductors, computers and computer programs, automotive, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications, oil and gas, chemistry, food, plastics and packaging, and nanotechnology.

A number of our IP Directors have worked in-house at several of the world’s leading companies, so we understand how patents are used by corporations. This results in better, more valuable patents.

Our patent team has a proven ability in understanding “cutting edge” inventions that have been developed by some of the world’s most advanced technology companies. Complex inventions are safe with us.

We prosecute a large number of applications in foreign jurisdictions for our clients. We therefore have a very good understanding of foreign law and procedure which results in better strategic advice for our clients.

As a patent protection firm, Best & Swift IP Services prosecutes and maintains patents. However, we do not draft patent applications; we focus on the intellectual property side, ensuring that applications are filed properly and that the process is completed as smoothly as possible. Best & Swift IP Services provides clients with periodic updates and consults with the client whenever office actions arise.

With transactions, Best & Swift IP Services handles both the assignment and licensing of patent rights. Best & Swift IP Services handles the intellectual property side of corporate mergers and joint ventures that involve the transfer of rights protected under patents.

As an enforcement firm, Best & Swift IP Services is both able to respond on behalf of clients to parties that are infringing upon their patent rights and to consult and advise clients on how and when they can begin utilizing patented technologies due to expire.

The patents process is generally lengthier and more complex than other branches of intellectual property, and can be more expensive. Other considerations -- such as the ability of competitors to mimic patented technology without public knowledge of it -- should also be taken into account. Best & Swift IP Services is able to advise clients on which technologies should be patented, and in which foreign jurisdictions they should consider filing applications.

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