Paralegal Services

Our paralegal team will accurately and efficiently manage your intellectual property matters. And as we offer a scalable solution, we can tailor the service to fit your needs.

“Our clients find they are able to achieve a better product at a lower cost by outsourcing some or all of their paralegal service needs.“

We provide a complete paralegal service solution, adhering to quality standards and fast turnaround times. With a focus on flexibility we provide full or part-time staffing, based on your needs, for on-going and/or one-time projects. All services are fulfilled at the highest standards of confidentiality and security on your intellectual property assets.

We’ll take care of:
  1. Strategy - building an IP strategy tailored to your commercial goals from the start.
  2. Protection - putting the right IP protection in place for you, and supporting it with the correct drawings, translations and any other documentation you will need.
  3. Commercialisation - helping you maximise value from the IP rights you create.
  4. Enforcement - ensuring your IP rights are enforced and defended worldwide.
  5. Maintenance & More - providing stress-free management and maintenance of your global IP portfolio.
Improve Your Business

Our aim is to provide prompt advice which is tailored to your needs and which is in plain English.

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