Renewals / Annuities

Our in-house patent renewals and annuities and trade mark renewals service is customised to suit each client’s individual needs. Unlike many other firms, through our network of many in-house patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys across Asia, and hundreds of trusted local associates worldwide, we can also provide complementary services such as assignments, changes of name, licence recordals, legal and opposition advice and global portfolio management services.

“We offer complete flexibility, and build strong working relationships with our clients to provide a completely tailored service that provides the information they want, when and how they want it.“

Our services cover every aspect of the renewals process. Operating in all major languages, we issue reminders and invoices in GBP, USD or EUR to a schedule agreed with and tailored to you.

We can help with:
  1. Strategy - making sure your patent renewals and annuities and trade mark renewals strategy fits with your overall business and intellectual property objectives.
  2. Automation - our custom intellectual property management software monitors key deadlines to ensure essential intellectual property protection is maintained.
  3. Customization - we adapt the way we work to your requirements to give you a completely flexible service.
  4. Integration - our in-house IT development capacity allows us to adapt our procedures to your unique needs, and a seamless integration with your systems.
  5. Management - reviewing all patent renewal arrangements on an ongoing basis to ensure they still fit with your business strategy.
Improve Your Business

Our aim is to provide prompt advice which is tailored to your needs and which is in plain English.

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