Consumer Brands

Consumers today are bombarded by ‘noise’. Whether it's on the high street or social media, it's now harder for brands to stand out than ever before. It takes time, money and effort to build a strong reputation and loyal customer base. At a time when just one tag, retweet or like can propel brands to global success overnight, your names, logos, sub-brands and domains need protecting as early as possible. If you haven't put thought into protecting all aspects of your brand, both on the high street and online, you risk losing it. With IP rights, you can cultivate brand loyalty and prevent copycats and counterfeiters from stealing your creative product designs and branding.

IP Protection for Fashion & Luxury Apparely

The need to design, manufacture and distribute products that are on-trend (as well as ethically-produced and environmentally-friendly) can create challenges for designers, suppliers and retailers. Today, when everything gets shared online, registering trade marks and designs early is vital to protect your creativity, goodwill and brand value. If your brand or product is copied, litigation is far easier when you have registered rights to rely on. Consumers are more conscientious than ever before, with sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and transportation all contributing to how sustainable your brand is. Many aspects of your production process could benefit from IP protection.


IP Protection for Fintech

Your brand name, products and domain names need to be protected if they are your distinctive assets and main contact with consumers.

IP Protection for Food & Drink

When it comes to food and drink, modern consumers demand choice. They make informed decisions and demand good value, local sourcing and sustainable production. The competitive nature of the industry means that IP protection is vital — especially in the digital age, where food is not only eaten but tweeted and shared on Instagram. You must think about protecting all aspects of your food and drink products with intellectual property rights. This can cover the obvious names, logos and sub-brands as well as more obscure elements such as packaging and designs — anything that makes you stand out from the crowd could be protected and deserves consideration.


IP Protection for Retail & Homeware

The retail sector is increasingly volatile, with high costs and falling footfall pushing down margins and profits and driving brands away from the high street. Today, success is all about standing out and providing a rich experience. Online shopping platforms and social media marketplaces can make it tough for traditional retailers. In these difficult times, it has never been more important to secure IP rights like trade marks to protect your business and its reputation. The most successful brands are those who protect both the physical and digital — our experts provide commercially-minded IP advice across all sectors to protect every aspect of your business. Whether you’re an up-and-coming brand or long-established name, we have the specialist insight and experience to help you stay protected.

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